Weekly Reads for the last week of 2011! John to appear on Agricultural Insights webcast…

Yes, things have been very quiet around here the last week or so.

But things have not been quiet on our farm, in our family, or in our home state of Kentucky.

A chicken brooder is being built, our chickens housing is getting a few needed upgrades, old man Winter seems content to stay mostly north and west and far away from the Midwest, giving us a much enjoyed second opportunity at Fall.

Hopefully, he isn’t saving up all his fury for a few big and bitter months before Spring. But either way, with the new year just around the corner, it is time to get moving forward again on many matters.

Hoping your new year is blessed,

Now, for your weekly reads,

While mega-industrial, government subsidized farms are raking in billions (and getting subsidized via the farm bill… and our over seas wars… and government policies that destroy their competitors…), small farmers are facing increasingly tough times, and dropping out…


This is one of dozens of such stories I have read or been told this past year, sadly.

Remember, no real farmers, no real food.

The vindication of salt has come,


Traditional nutritional wisdom prevails again… but don’t think the diet dictocrats are going to stop their war on salt (and your basic freedoms) anytime soon, just because a few facts now stand in their way…
I will be appearing on the Agricultural Insights podcast, http://agriculturalinsights.com/ .

My interview is today at 12.00 EST, and I think Chris will publish it today but may wait until after the New Year. Once I know, I will update this post, but if it is live today and you are bored, feel free to join in.

We will probably discuss a broad range of issues during the show – GMOs, food freedom and the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, among other matters.

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  1. Asher on

    It’s really disturbing how effectively policies that favor big ag and the pressures of a market that highly favors price over quality and stewardship are crushing small farmers. It seems like the burgeoning local- and small-farm movements might make some impact *if* enough small farmers can survive these early days.

    That said, on another topic, it’s good to see that there’s at least some counter-effort in the war against salt. I’m one of the healthiest people I know, and I also ingest way more salt than quite a few of my less-healthy friends. Of course, I also lose a lot of salt sweating on the bike … but I have long suspected that the war against salt stems from that human tendency to confuse correlation with causation.

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