Weekly Reads 12/5/2011

Think your taste buds are too tough to be manipulated by the modern food science gurus?

Think again. This is an exceptionally helpful read to understand why it is so hard, especially once started, to get people and kids off of phony, highly processed, and purposefully altered to create addictions to prop up profits while not caring about people’s health foods… the folks who help companies do this should be ashamed of themselves for the part they are playing in the destruction of the health of so many Americans and the environment.


Yet again, those leafy greens just aren’t all that clean, even after being triple washed in Clorox and other fun chemical baths…


This one is to sad to be funny, but still funny, and sad…

Dr. Oz reported that apple juice had elevated levels of arsenic, some higher than the federal limits for drinking water. The FDA told Dr. Oz that he and his team were WRONG…

Turns out, the FDA was wrong. Follow up studies confirmed that, indeed, Dr. Oz and company were right and here is another reason to reduce your intake of the so called healthy juices and yet just another reason why the FDA has lost almost all credibility and trust among those who pay any attention to their work.

Read about the controversy here,




And of course, the diet dictocrats are right… you don’t need no stinking vitamin D, no sir…


It is the time of year where many sensible doctors, nutrition coaches, and the like recommend you increase your intake of vitamin D, especially through good quality cod liver oil.

Beware of standard fish oils and enjoy your weekly reads.


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