Weekly Reads 12/12/2011 – Breakfast Cereal More Sugar than Twinkies/Cookies…Cookie Dough Ain’t Clean and More…

Eating industrial cookie dough is dangerous… but doesn’t everyone already know that industrial foods, raw or cooked, are a major health hazard?
The possible pathogens in store bought cookie dough can’t be too much more dangerous than the toxic additives, highly refined ingredients, chemical by product and pesticide residues, incredible amounts of sugar, and complete lack of any real nutritional value…

Nasty Germs in Industrial Cookie Dough

I will keep eating my homemade raw cookies… and raw cookie dough… and raw milk ice cream… and raw milk yogurt, and raw milk cheese, and raw eggs in my raw yogurt smoothie… from small farms, who are not bought and owned by MonSatan via big banks like MF Global… whose failure now further puts these farmers into economic peril and doom

MF Global failure hits farmers hard…

And perhaps will be factor that contributes to continued rising food prices next year if this is severe enough…

And perhaps, if phony, industrial food and thus sugar was not so cheap, breakfast cereals would not have more sugar than desserts!

EWG finds that breakfast cereals contain more sugar than desserts!

Ah, the breakfast of champions, brought to you by big banks and broken national agricultural policy…

Speaking of banks, banks bring up politics, since the banks own (or are they now owned, or just bailed out… oh, it is so confusing) by the government… with our tax money…

So skip if you don’t want anything political in nature…

Most people blindly or foolishly think they choose what they eat or what they think is cool or beautiful, apart from the billions of dollar spent adulterating and altering the food and people’s minds and preferences via modern advertising and social engineering tools which companies employ…

The modern political system mirrors the modern food system, the main stream media bankster owned industrial/pharmaceutical/military political machine…


Jon Stewart on media manipulation and RP.

In the midst of such dark weeks, don’t we need a little Jon Stewart now and then to lighten the day and load?

At least enjoy the video segment if you don’t have time for the links.

The Daily Show
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The fact that the mainstream media have been doing this for… oh, over four years now to a particular candidate displays the appalling state of American’s “fourth estate,” which is now just another estate of corruption and lies like the other three.

We may or may not like RP, but shouldn’t we decide who the candidates are, and not the elitist, war mongering big gov press?

And speaking of RP, he and some other national legislatures are holding a screening of Farmageddon for Congress this week to try to inform other members of Congress about the war on small farms and farmers.
You can get details here, and please invite your legislatures TODAY since the screening is tomorrow.

Farmageddon Screens on Capitol Hill.

Enjoy your weekly reads!

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