Weekly Reads 11/21/2011

Pharmaceuticals gone rogue and wild…


But don’t worry, drug companies would never approve and market a drug that was later shown to not actually work or prolong people’s lives…


And of course, the government has all the money in the world to stop this misuse of expensive, dangerous, and untested drugs, since they are not wasting taxpayer money persecuting small farmers, producers, and people who want to buy a pork chop from their neighbor,


This is the best line in the article,

As FDA noted in its rejection letters, the process of withdrawing certain medically important antibiotics from approval would likely be extremely resource intensive.

“The agency’s experience with contested, formal withdrawal proceedings is that the process can consume extensive periods of time and agency resources,” said FDA in the denial letter. The agency cited the withdrawal of diethylstilbestrol (DES) in 1979, which took a full seven years to complete, and the withdrawal of enrofloxacin in poultry, which took almost five years and cost FDA approximately $3.3 million.

Resource intensive? Dozens of agents performing undercover raids and sting operations on small farms, buying clubs, and raw milk producers across the nation… that can’t cost a dime!

No wonder they don’t have time for such small concerns like antibiotic resistant pathogens that could wipe out tens of thousands of people because of overuse in industrial agriculture.

Let’s not let small things like facts and statistics get in the way of protecting big ag and pharma at the expense of the average person’s health.

Gotta stop those two deaths every ten years…oh…wait…

3.3 million dollars, that’s all? Didn’t they waste that much money on the RAWSOME or Dan Allyger cases alone?


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