Weekly Reads 1-4-2012, Why gov’t hates co-sleeping and breastfeeding, fat causes brain damage, real milk doesn’t need shaking and more…

Why does the government hate co-sleeping and breastfeeding?


Many of you may have caught the recent headlines that “high fat diets cause brain damage…”, “fat kills brain cells…” and the like…

No, no, no… listening to the media causes brain damage.

Here is one of the study’s authors pointing out what it really means and does not mean…


Why Organic is no longer enough, on a number of levels…


Did you know, “real milk” needs no shaking?

Or so say the makers of “real” milk in their newest disinfomercial,


(BTW, there are three commercials here, so please make sure you go to the shake one).

Of course, the real reason that woman is going crazy is because the regulators in her state deny her and her children access to real, nutrient dense, locally raised foods…

And just for fun, the ultimate Amazon product review…


(BTW, if you go to Amazon and to the actually item and the actually review, you can look up other entertaining reviews of other products by this guy,


Also, if you order any items from Amazon after taking this link, it will help raise money for Kentucky Food Freedom efforts!)


Enjoy your weekly reads!

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  1. Christina on

    While I support (extended) breastfeeding & have no false ideals about the purity of government motives,’accusing the state of demonizing co-sleeping as part of a drive to increase materialism and consumption is going a bit far… likewise, breadtfeeding and Janet Jackson’s public nudity have nothing in common, certainly not a secret plan to make sure all citizens are sedentary and on government-regulated diets. Let’s not see demons under every. single. rock, please.

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