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Headlines do it again… Is Organic food really not nutritionally better than conventional?

Reading news headlines is a lot like trying to figure out the weather by solely observing the clouds.  On occasion, what you see is what you get, but usually, the clouds at best only give you a partial idea as to what the weather may or may not have in store for you.

The recent headlines (http://news.yahoo.com/organic-food-no-healthier-non-organic-study-210536314.html) about organic versus conventional foods are similar. They do point to some important things, but the first impression you get looking at them belays the reality.

So, are organic food and conventional foods basically the same, save a few less toxic, disease causing chemicals?

As one of the articles admits, it all depends on how you define organics.

“Many of the studies didn’t specify their standards for what constituted “organic” food.”

Whoa doggy! Stop. Right. Here.

So, you are building huge, attention grabbing, view point pounding headlines based on…  a bunch of inconsistent, unanalyzed, faulty studies that contain all sorts of problematic assumptions and setups?

You treat all these studies of equal weight and worth… even when they are CLEARLY NOT of equal weight and worth?

Yet another article spins the study of studies this way,

The Stanford team …


I am sure many readers and visitors are wondering where we have been the past two months of AWOL postings.

Well, three things have been happening. First, in our home state we ended up suddenly having a window to push for small farm/food freedom legislation, and we went for it.

But it created dozens and dozens of hours of travel and work each week that was not planned or budgeted for… so the blog was one of the first things to go.

Second, national issues have also been of great importance, including this week’s coming Wisconsin rally (where I will be speaking) and hearing for Vernon Hershberger.

I hope any readers who are anywhere close by will attend and spread the word!

Here is more info about the events,




Third, Spring! Just as the legislative session will reach a crescendo here in my home state, stuff needs planted, started, and so much more around the farm.

All that being said, I have some great posts coming your way soon.  A few requested by readers, a few because it is that time of  year to go over some basic helpful info for old and new clubs alike!

Hope you all are well, and come back soon as I hope …

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Last week, the Obama administration gave its official response of “No!” to the 6,078 signors of a petition on WhiteHouse.gov who requested federal-level legalization of all raw milk sales.

Written by Doug McKalip, the White House senior policy adviser for rural affairs, the response is full of typical government double speak and sleight of hand with facts and figures.

For instance, the response starts off by saying, “We appreciate consumer concerns on food issues and understand the importance of letting consumers make their own food choices.”

But is there any evidence to support either of these statements? Zero. The Obama administration has continued the Bush administration policy of fast tracking GMOs and other dangerous foods while mercilessly targeting small producers of healthful things like Elderberry Juice (http://healthimpactnews.com/2011/fda-seizes-elderberry-juice-from-kansas-winery-to-protect-drugs/).

They continue to oppose consumer choice by blocking GMO labeling, something Obama campaigned for in 2007.

The Obama FDA, with folks like former Monsanto executive Michael Taylor (who also served in both the FDA and USDA under Bush and who has publicly stated he supports the continued multimillion dollar crackdown on Amish farmers and raw milk buying clubs, http://healthimpactnews.com/2011/obama-fda-chief-defends-raw-milk-raids-in-plan-to-increase-control-over-farms/) at the helm of the “food safety division”, had the audacity to state …


Why does the government hate co-sleeping and breastfeeding?


Many of you may have caught the recent headlines that “high fat diets cause brain damage…”, “fat kills brain cells…” and the like…

No, no, no… listening to the media causes brain damage.

Here is one of the study’s authors pointing out what it really means and does not mean…


Why Organic is no longer enough, on a number of levels…


Did you know, “real milk” needs no shaking?

Or so say the makers of “real” milk in their newest disinfomercial,


(BTW, there are three commercials here, so please make sure you go to the shake one).

Of course, the real reason that woman is going crazy is because the regulators in her state deny her and her children access to real, nutrient dense, locally raised foods…

And just for fun, the ultimate Amazon product review…


(BTW, if you go to Amazon and to the actually item and the actually review, you can look up other entertaining reviews of other products by this guy,


Also, if you order any items from Amazon after taking this link, it will help raise money for Kentucky Food Freedom efforts!)


Enjoy your weekly reads!

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Yes, things have been very quiet around here the last week or so.

But things have not been quiet on our farm, in our family, or in our home state of Kentucky.

A chicken brooder is being built, our chickens housing is getting a few needed upgrades, old man Winter seems content to stay mostly north and west and far away from the Midwest, giving us a much enjoyed second opportunity at Fall.

Hopefully, he isn’t saving up all his fury for a few big and bitter months before Spring. But either way, with the new year just around the corner, it is time to get moving forward again on many matters.

Hoping your new year is blessed,

Now, for your weekly reads,

While mega-industrial, government subsidized farms are raking in billions (and getting subsidized via the farm bill… and our over seas wars… and government policies that destroy their competitors…), small farmers are facing increasingly tough times, and dropping out…


This is one of dozens of such stories I have read or been told this past year, sadly.

Remember, no real farmers, no real food.

The vindication of salt has come,


Traditional nutritional wisdom prevails again… but don’t think the diet dictocrats are …

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